Choose a photo first, add it to the cart, and then browse the store for products.

1. Add a photo to the cart

2. In the cart, choose Visit Store.

3. Choose an item in the store. For instance, Photo Playing Cards, and drag the photo onto the merchandise.

4. Click the Add to Cart button, then go to the Cart (icon in upper right) and check out.


A. Choose a photo

  1. Click any album. This opens a group thumbnails of the photos in the album.
  2. Pick multiple photos at this level by clicking on the checkbox under each thumbnail OR click on any picture to make that picture bigger. Clicking on the big picture takes you back again to the thumbnail view.
  3. Please note if you are clicking on the checkbox under each thumbnail, you will need to do this page by page. Select all photos you want on one page and then click prints, select qty and add to cart. Then you will need to do this for the next page in the album and so on.

B. Choose the product you want

dotPhoto's products are under the Shop menu on the left side of virtually every page.

  1. If you do not see a list of products, click on the word Shop on the left menu.
  2. To order prints, click on the word Prints. Select the quantity, and then click on the Add to Cart button.

  3. To order other items, click on the word Posters or Books, etc. Not all products fit into this list: click on Browse store to view more products, then put your mouse over View all to see the entire list of dotPhoto products.
  4. If you are ordering prints, select the size you want by entering the quantity. If you want more than the quantity in the form, you can change the quantity later in the cart to up to 999.
  5. Some products like cards, calendars and posters require some design activity in the Gift Wizard. Typing the name of the product (Yearbook, luggage tag, poster, calendar, etc.) into dotPhoto's Help system will provide special information that may help with each item. For many items, what you see is what you will get, so, if you do not like what you see, do not place the order.

C. Finish adding items and go to your cart. Adjust quantities, sizes and other attributes.

  1. You can add many photos and types of products to your cart. When you are ready, go to your cart by clicking on the image of the Cart at the top of the page. You can leave the cart at any time to choose more products.
  2. If you order multiple print sizes of the same photo, all sizes will appear under the same picture.
  3. If you change anything in your cart, click on any Update Cart button to register the change on dotPhoto.
  4. IMPORTANT CROPPING NOTE! Check the cropping on your prints by putting your mouse cursor over the question mark next to word crop that is to the right of each photo. Cropping can cut off part of a photo; uncropped photos will always provide the entire image, but may add white space on either side of the print. If you change the cropping on a photo, click on the Update Cart button. It is a geometric impossibility to put an entire narrow image on an entire, nearly square 8x10 print, or to put an entire square image on an entire oblong 4x6 print, so the correct cropping decision is very important. Fortunately, placing your mouse on dotPhoto's cropping mark will show you exactly how your prints will appear either cropped or uncropped.
  5. DISCOUNTS AND FREE PRINTS If you have print credits in your account, they will be deducted from the order subtotal in the upper right of the cart. Print credits do not apply to photos purchased from someone else's account. If you have a coupon code, enter it in the box under the subtotal. Only one coupon code can be applied to each order.

D. Ship the order

  1. Click on the Proceed to Checkout button in the upper right corner of the cart.

  2. On the next page, fill out the Shipping Information and click on Continue to Checkout button if you want to ship the order to your home, office or to a friend.

E. Pay for your order

dotPhoto accepts all major credit cards. Click on the Continue button after you have entered your credit card. If your credit card is not approved, you will receive an email with a link to correct or update the information.

F. Review and approve your order

  1. On the final cart page, review the details of your order. You can still change anything in your cart until you place your order. Once your order is placed, it goes immediately into production and cannot be changed.
  2. Click the check box at the bottom next to "I have reviewed the details of my order."
  3. Click on the Place Your Order button.

Tracking your order

dotPhoto immediately provides an order number and also confirms your order by email. Members can track orders by clicking on MyAccount at the top of any page, and choosing Order History under Order Tracking. Guests can click on Order Tracking at the bottom of any page. Orders that are shipped through the post office do not have tracking numbers. Orders that are marked "Failed" may have problems with a credit card or with bad images; please check your email for notices about failed orders or email dotPhoto at dotPhoto Support -