dotPhoto Custom Photo Cards are 4" x 8" and include a graphic frame, your custom message, your photo and a free mailing envelope. Cards are sold with quantity price breaks and free economy shipping for dotPhoto Club Members. 

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How to order a dotPhoto Holiday card

Click on Shop in the left column and choose Cards, or click here: 

You can shop by a holiday theme or by the size and type of the card you want:

After you pick your card...

Add photos

  1. Choose a template along the bottom.
  2. Choose one of your dotPhoto albums. You must be signed into dotPhoto to see your albums. If you see no albums, click on the Sign in button in the top right.
  3. Drag and drop a photo from your album into the "cutout" on the card. (Hold down your mouse button, click on the photo, and "drag" the photo into the cutout.)
  4. Flat cards have no "inside", but, if you see an "inside" and "back" at the top of the card builder, click on each one, and then add photos or text to the inside and back.

Add Text

Cutouts that contain a small "T" icon enable you to add text. Some cards can include substantial text about your your like the one pictured below. You can copy and paste text into the card. To increase or decrease the size of text, highlight the text, and then click on the AA button to produce a "slider" control; sliding left reduces the text size; sliding right increases the size. Other buttons enable you to change colors and alignment. Click on the Done button when you are finished.


Every dotPhoto card includes a free mailing envelope.

Economy shipping is free for dotPhoto Club Members and other Paid Monthly Memberships.