dotPhoto offers customizable, traditional 4x8 single-sided photo cards, folding 3x5 and 5x7 cards with interior messages and photos, plus 3x54x9, 5x5, and 5x7 single-sided "flat" cards. Most cards are available in matte or glossy, and many cards are also available in Felt and Pearl finishes. 

Felt Paper is a 100# cover stock in Ultra Bright White;  Pearl is a 98# premium card stock with a pearlescent shimmer

Cards can feature from one to nine of your photos. Many cards also offer customizable message blocks.

Each card comes complete with an appropriately sized mailing envelope

Cards are sold with quantity price breaks and free economy shipping for dotPhoto Club Members

4x8 Photo Cards are available for as little as 49 cents; 5x7 folding cards are as little as $1.35; 3x5 folding cards are $1.09. Prices can be lower when applying coupon codes from dotPhoto Newletters. 

Click here for pricing including quantities and pack pricing.

How to order a dotPhoto Holiday Card

  1. Sign into dotPhoto. If you are not signed in, you will not see your photos in the card designer.
  2. Find the image you want to use and add it to your cart by clicking on the cart symbol in the lower right.

  3. You are taken to the Quick Order Form. Click on the button marked Choose cards, frames, posters, mugs & more

  4. You are taken to the Shop. Click on Card Store.

  5. Choose the type of holiday card you want.

  6. You are taken to the card design screen. Choose your design from the images at the bottom. If you do not see the row of images, scroll down until you see them. Note that cards are designed with different numbers of photos. The example pictured here has 5 photos and one text box on the front. You can also choose a design with the fold on the top or on the side by clicking on the orientation icons on the left. To see more designs, click on the arrow on the bottom right.

  7. Drag photos from the selection on the right side of your screen to the frames in your card. (Hold down your mouse button to select the photo; drag it to the center of the frame, and release the mouse button.) Multiple photos may take a moment to appear in the frame.

  8. The Card Designer uses photos from the original album, but here is a way to add photos to that album without losing your work:
    A. Save your project by clicking on Save Project button in the top right.

    B. Copy the other photos you want to use from their albums into the album being used for this card design. More info on copying photos here
    C. Click on the MyProjects button at the top. Open your card project and use the photos you have just copied.

  9. Add text to your card by clicking on the boxes with a T in them. Click again on the box to show the text editor, which enables you to change text styles, sizes, add underlining, change colors, change right/center/left alignment, change vertical alignment, and click on Done when finished. In the example below, we have entered text, selected it by highlighting it, chosen Script type style, and are enlarging the text. More info on text editing here

  10. If you are creating a folding card, you can also customize the inside of your card and, on some cards, the back by clicking on the page icons at the top. The example below shows a block of customized red, wisdom script text.

  11. Next, click on the Add to cart button at the top.

  12. If you are ready to order, click on the View Cart button or the Cart button in the upper right.

  13. In the cart, set the quantity you would like and click on the Update Cart button. Note that the price of each card changes as the quantity increases. If you see a yellow warning sign like the one pictured below, one or more of your photos may be too small to provide an excellent print. This can happen if you have zoomed in too far on a photo or if the photo was very small to begin with. You can address the problem by clicking on the Edit button, zooming out on certain photos, and replacing other photos that may be too small. A circular yellow sign is a mild warning; a red triangle strongly suggests that the printed photo will be highly pixelated. 

  14. Click on the Proceed to Checkout button and follow the normal checkout procedure. Don't forget -- dotPhoto includes envelopes for every card.

  15. For further help with the dotPhoto Cartclick here and proceed to step 8.

Get started with your cards: 

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